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Why Supporting Local Businesses Is So Important

Big-Box retailers are experiencing unparalleled growth, meaning that local and family-owned businesses are being shunned and forced to close their doors. These larger than life chains put profit over experience, something that is the polar opposite of what local businesses hope to achieve with their efforts. Local shops and businesses put what they know is their backbone first; the customer.   There is a personal connection that is made when money changes hands at a local shop. There is a connection made between one consumer to another, between a business owner and a new lifelong customer. There is a certain feeling one gets when interacting with local businesses, something that is simply not possible with larger chain retailers.   When your number one concern is making money, there is little room for the customer to feel that connection that they crave. Making purchases is more than just buying something. It is supposed to involve emotion and satisfaction. At these Big-Box retailers there is no emotion, no connection. These lacking attributes are what make local businesses a much more attractive option to... read more

(ABC) Always Be Closing

This article only applies if you believe in your product or service and it provides a legitimate benefit to the person you’re speaking to.  The rear tires on my truck were getting close to being done. This is the family SUV that my wife drives the kids to school with and the vehicle we use on the weekend when the 5 of us are traveling together. With that said, I needed to replace the tires and with a family of 5 to support, I needed a great deal. So I went to the place that has the best selection and prices in town, 516 Auto Tire Service in Old Bridge, NJ. I was lucky that the manager / owner was there, Sonny and he had the perfect set ready for me.  2 hours later I was checking out at the counter paying for my newly installed truck tires for only $290 out the door. As always I thanked Sonny for the great deal he gave me and let him know that I was having a hard time finding his phone number online to set the appointment. At that point, Sonny told me that he doesn’t have a website. I thought to myself, “My goodness, how does a business like 516 Auto Tire Service with a great manager like Sonny with the best prices on tires in town not have a website?!?!” Immediately, my natural heartfelt reaction jumped at Sonny and I said, “How in the world do you have the best tire prices in town and not have a website?” From there I gave Sonny some simple ideas because... read more

The Secret Sauce of Customer Service: Love Your Future Customer!

I recently had to stop off the highway to use the restroom as I was on my way to a business meeting. The closest place to stop was one of the major chain hotels just off the highway. As soon as I walked in it seemed there was something big going on. As I approached the front desk of the hotel the gentleman behind the desk told me it was “barbecue night” and asked me if I wanted some food. It seemed that they had set up a large buffet for all of the guests staying at the hotel. I told him that I had just stopped in to use the bathroom, but he insisted that I get some food and I was hungry so I did. Then I thought to myself, “Wow, I can’t believe the level of service I just received even though I was not a guest of the hotel.” I told the guy behind the desk that the next time I was in the area on business I would surely be staying at this hotel because of the excellent level of service I had received. I always tell the entire staff of the company that 95% of what they do in their lives is an attitude. In fact, the internal office motto is, “It’s an attitude!” Calling your customer on time is an attitude. Scheduling follow up calls and follow through appointments with your customers is an attitude. Getting to work 10 minutes early is an attitude. All of those things say we care, we love our customer, and we love our job which again,... read more